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Causes Of Foundation Problems
Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC
Ada, OK

Foundation settlement and movement can be caused by building on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils, or improper maintenance around foundations.

Find out the warning signs of foundation/slab failure.

Whatever the cause, settlement can destroy the value of structures and even render them unsafe.

In any case, water is the basic culprit in the vast majority of expansive soil problems. Specific constituents of certain soils tend to swell or shrink with variations in moisture. The extent of this movement varies from soil to soil.

Those soils highest in clay content are generally more susceptible while those lowest in clay content are the least affected. In some areas the movement in insignificant; in others, it is quite pronounced.

When unstable soils are used as a base for a foundation, the tendency for movement is transmitted to the foundation. Since soil movement is rarely uniform, the foundation is subjected to a differential or upheaval.

The problem shows up in both slab, and pier and beam type foundations.

If all the soil beneath a foundation or slab swells uniformly, there usually is no problem. Problems occur, however, when only part of the slab settles. Then, the differential movement causes cracks or other damages.

In residential properties, slab settlement problems can result in potential damage to the structure, potential accidents, and loss of real estate value. Poor drainage, tripping hazards, rough floors, unsightly cracks, and equipment malfunctions may also result from concrete slab settlement.

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Tampa Bay- Foundation Repair Contractor

Foundation work is definitely not a do-it-yourself project, so it makes good sense to get at least three licensed contractors to give you a detailed proposal along with an assessment of your issues. The average inspection takes about two hours. Ron Davidson of Ram Jack Systems also offers the following advice and precautionary measures:

  • Educate yourself on foundation repair methods and ask a lot of questions. Don’t make your final decision based on advertising and cheap prices. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don’t do business with a contractor that does not have their foundation repair methods evaluated by ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Services). This nonprofit organization ensures that building products meet code compliance.
  • In most areas of the country, a reputable contractor will have a clause for the depth of the hydraulic piling (typically 20 to 30 feet). Beyond that depth, there is usually an additional charge, ranging from $20 to $30 per foot. If a contractor has no depth clause, be cautious. It’s unlikely that the contractor would continue to operate at a loss, and would instead just stop at the depth that would guarantee a profit.
  • Some foundation repair projects require removal of landscaping in the areas of the work, and the contractor typically won’t guarantee that a bush or shrub will survive after removal and replacement.
  • Warranties or guarantees for foundation repair work are very important, so pay close attention to their terms. Remember that a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it. Look for a national company that can offer a warranty trust. This means that if the company goes out of business, there is a plan in place to provide follow-up service, if needed.

Find a Foundation Repair Contractor

Emergency sinkhole response for your Florida home


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  • Our Tampa sinkhole repair company uses a custom-made Boxer drill rig with rubber tracks that can fit through a 36” door opening.
  • We use Schwing 500 grout pumps for compaction grouting.
  • Our crews put down plywood to protect the customer’s grass while the drill rig is moved around.
  • Our consistent attention to detail is why customers choose Ram Jack.

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What does RamJack do

1. What does RamJack do?

florida ramjack

RamJack dealers (throughout the US and in Canada, Costa Rica, and Panama) install steel piles to support foundations. This can be done for new constructions or as underpinning for existing structures. Often, RamJack dealers offer other services as well as foundation stabilization.

All Florida Ram Jack


Residential & Commercials Sinkhole & Foundation Repair Specialists for West Central Florida

2. How long have you been in business?

RamJack has been in business for over 30 years, and has been at the forefront of steel pilings for foundations since the beginning. Our first patent was issued in 1987. About 20 other patents have been or are currently owned by RamJack, which has also spent 30 years developing and refining Foundation repair solutions to ensure the best quality in the industry.

3. Can I buy RamJack products?

RamJack products can only be purchased and installed by our trained dealers.

4. How do I know I have a foundation problem?

You can review the signs and symptoms of foundation failure information, but the only way to know for sure is have one of our trained specialists evaluate your home’s foundation.

If you don’t have a foundation problem, they will tell you. If you do, they will recommend a proper solution to your foundation problem.

5. How can I tell if I have foundation problems?

Evidence of foundation failure is seen in a variety of ways. Stair step cracks in your brick are the most common and obvious symptom of foundation failure.

You may also see your chimney pulling away or you may even find cracks in the foundation itself. Inside your home, you may see cracks in your drywall, broken window panes, uneven floors, or doors that won’t open or shut properly.

All of these signs indicate that your home’s foundation has moved and your home is out of alignment. The value of your largest investment may now be in jeopardy.

6. What happens if I call RamJack?

A professional RamJack representative will examine your home’s damage, measure variances in the foundation, and determine the best solution for your specific situation.

7. What kind of solutions does RamJack offer?

For many situations, a RamJack steel driven pile system will be installed.

The key to this system is the powerful dual hydraulic cylinders which drive the pilings with up to 70,000 pounds of driving force. In order to withstand the extreme pressures of RamJack’s hydraulic pile driving system, only heavy gauge, high strength carbon steel is used, along with a heavy wall independent guide sleeve.

This unique design rifles the piling into the soil without the bending or deflection usually associated with inferior systems.

Each steel pile is driven deep into the soil until a layer of bedrock or adequate load-bearing strata is encountered. The depth of each pile may vary according to the underlying geological formations.

Once all piles are securely set, the foundation is carefully lifted to an elevation of maximum practical recovery.

This will permanently halt any further deterioration due to settling of your foundation.

Sometimes a customized remedy is required for a permanent solution. RamJack’s patented helical piles are the best solution for certain soil types, and for interior applications. High torque from hydraulic gear reduction motors spin helix discs deep into the soil until dependable load bearing strata is reached.

RamJack has developed sophisticated software to assist engineers in designing the appropriate helix configuration based upon soil strength and applied loads.

Our engineering department is consulted every day by engineers all over North America to aid in designing foundation solutions.

Helix piles are also excellent for new construction, especially when bad soil conditions are known to exist on the building site. Concrete foundations can be poured the same day and each pile is independently tested during installation by monitoring the torsion resistance.

The RamJack new construction helix installations are especially useful in environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, tundra, or rain forests. In other situations, RamJack tie-backs with specialized brackets may be the appropriate solution for the problem.

Whatever the need, RamJack has a solution.

8. Why are RamJack solutions better than others?

RamJack offers the best piling system in the industry. All RamJack steel is ordered to our specifications directly from U.S. mills.

In order to maintain the highest quality product, RamJack utilizes state of the art manufacturing processes.

Computerized CNC units craft parts within a thousandth of an inch. Meanwhile, computerized plasma tables and robots cut and weld RamJack products to exact specifications.

RamJack products are coated with a highly durable thermal plastic coating which insures that all products will stand the test of time and are environmentally friendly. After the materials are clean and dry, the plastic powder is electro-statically applied.

Finally, the product is guided through a 40-foot high curing oven to permanently bond the coating to the product.

For over 30 years, the people of RamJack have dedicated themselves to providing a product and a service second to none. Through extensive research and development, RamJack has engineered permanent solutions for a variety of problems.

9. What will happen if I don’t do the repair?

It’s up to the homeowner to decide whether or not to do the repair. It’s our job to provide you with the most appropriate remedy for your situation. Over time, almost all foundation problems will get worse if they are not properly repaired.

10. How good is the RamJack Warranty?

Go to our warranty page here.

Causes of Foundation Failure


What causes foundation failure?

There are many causes of foundation failure, here are some examples

Soil type – especially expansive clay soil,slope failure, mass wasting,poor construction,
poorly compacted fill material,erosion,transpiration and sinkhole problem.


Warning Signs.

warning signs

warning signs