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All Florida Ram Jack’s crew started another commercial seawall repair

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All Florida Ram Jack   Seawall & Bulkhead Repair ,Soil Stabilization, Seawall and Bulkhead Repair



Our Tampa, Florida soil stabilization company understands the special foundation needs of our customers living along the coast. For those living on or near beaches, seawalls are an important part of foundation safety.

Seawalls are built parallel to the coastline to provide safety on muddy or sandy beach areas, in addition to protecting coastal land sections from erosion. For coastal foundation support, our foundation reinforcement company offers coastal timber support as well as bulkhead seawall tieback.

Ram Jack Seawall Repair

Ram Jack Seawall offers a patent-pending repair method for concrete, steel, wood and vinyl seawalls. The system can often return crooked or leaning seawalls to their post-installation position. Ram Jack’s seawall repair methods can permanently stabilize seawalls, virtually eliminating the need for future repairs.

Timber Pile Support System

Erosion is prevalent on sandy soils and beaches, causing homes built on timber pilings to move and sink over time. Ram Jack installs both helical piers and piling brackets in order to keep the piling in place. We use standoff brackets to hold helicals in place throughout the lifting process. Ram Jack’s brackets keep the timber pilings straight, without any tilting.

Bulkhead Tie-back Support System

Ram Jack installs helical piers and seawall brackets to repair bowing concrete and vinyl seawalls. The brackets can also be installed during seawall construction to prevent bowing from the start. The helicals are driven deep into the soil to hold the pressure from the wall and straighten it. Ram Jack includes a five-year warranty on the seawall brackets. These seawall brackets are a unique patent-pending design by our Tampa foundation repair company.


Source: www.allfloridaramjack.com/seawall–bulkhead-repair.html

Ram Jack installed piles to support the Rowing Center Building, the deck, and dock


Scott MacKay with Ram Jack Tri States just finished a 172 pile job in Conshohocken, PA. Ram Jack installed piles to support the Rowing Center Building, the deck, and dock. All the concrete is supported by Ram Jack Helical Piles. In all there are 120 under the building, 32 under the deck, and another 20 under the concrete dock supports.

To the left is a screen shot of a four minute aerial fly over video of the project.

What a great way to use today’s technology with your case studies. If you have any interesting jobs you would like to send in to have a case study created please visit  ramjack.com/CaseStudyForm and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing this job from Ram Jack Tri States as a printed case study.
To view the video: bit.ly/RowingCenterCaseStudyVideo


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