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History of Helical Piers

The use of helical piles in construction dates back nearly 200 years. In the 1830’s, the earliest versions of today’s helical piles were used in England for moorings and for the foundations of lighthouse structures. Today, helical piles are gaining worldwide acceptance throughout the construction industry and engineering community due to the versatility of both the product and the installation equipment. In 2007, the International Code Council Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC-ES) approved AC358, Acceptance Criteria for Helical Foundation Systems and Devices. Helical piles are also now included in the 2009 International Building Code.

helicals history

Reliability of the warranty

Reliability…It’s the Foundation of RamJack

When you’re looking for a company to repair your foundation, reliability is what matters—reliability of the company, reliability of the repair, and reliability of the warranty. Over 40 years of experience has perfected RamJack’s products to meet or exceed code requirements for commercial and residential applications. In fact, ICC Evaluation Services, Inc. (ICC-ES), has confirmed that specific RamJack foundation products comply with the provisions in their AC-10 code.

warranty RamJack

Your warranty is backed by the strength of your local participating RamJack company, and, when registered, backed by the RamJack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust. This RamJack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust allows RamJack customers to have access to warranty repairs, if they should arise, regardless of the status of your installing RamJack dealer.

Many companies offer a warranty… but what happens to that warranty if the company is sold, goes out of business, or the owner retires? If the company or franchise no longer exists, you have no one to call in the event of a warranty issue. The National Limited Warranty Trust allows you to RELY on RamJack for the life of your installing dealer’s warranty!

RamJack Foundation Solutions has been a pioneer in the foundation repair industry since 1968. This unique National Limited Warranty Trust was developed by the RamJack Dealers Association to extend the confidence we have in our product to you.

Q. What is the RamJack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust?

A. The installing RamJack Dealer backs every qualifying installation with a Transferable Limited Warranty. The National Limited Warranty Trust is a separate warranty. It provides our customers with coverage in cases where the installing RamJack dealer is no longer able to fulfill their obligation.

Q. Why do this? Are you afraid you are going to go out of business?

A. No. RamJack has been in business for over 40 years and we have never been more financially secure than we are now. This RamJack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust was developed to offer additional guaranteed security and protection for our customers.

Q. What is required to receive coverage in the National Limited Warranty Trust?

A. Once a job is completed by a certified, participating RamJack dealer, you will receive information on how to enroll.

Q. Who is eligible for the National Limited Warranty Trust?

A. All customers who have received a RamJack Foundation Repair installation from a participating RamJack dealer are eligible. All jobs must be fully completed and paid in full before enrollment in the National Limited Warranty Trust.

Q. How long has this National Limited Warranty Trust been in place?

A. RamJack developed this cutting edge program in March of 2009 in order to offer a superior level of guaranteed protection for all RamJack customers nationwide.

Q. Who underwrites the trust fund?

A. The RamJack Dealers Association, LLC.

Q. How important is a National Limited Warranty Trust?

A. A warranty from a company that is out of business is worthless. Businesses close for a variety of reasons—retirement, unexpected death, the sale of the business, etc. This National Limited Warranty Trust allows money to be set aside for the exclusive purpose of warranty repair and service. It guarantees you will always have access to warranty service should the need arise.

Q. Don’t other companies have warranties like this?

A. Great question, make sure you ask it. It’s very easy to offer a warranty but it is very rare for companies to back up warranties with guaranteed, secured funds. Protect yourself and make sure you are dealing with a RELIABLE company that really guarantees their work.

Q. How do I initiate a claim?

A. Questions or claim information is to be referred to the RamJack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust. You will receive full contact information and instructions on how to initiate a claim, if necessary, once you are enrolled.

Q. Do I use the National Limited Warranty Trust if my servicing RamJack dealer is still in business?

A. No. All warranty issues need to be referred to the RamJack dealer that completed the initial work. If that dealer is no longer available to fulfill that obligation, contact the RamJack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust.

RamJack-New Floor Slab Bracket



Ram Jack introduces a new standard and heavy duty floor slab bracket used for interior work to hydraulically raise heavy interior floor slabs on Ram Jack’s 2 7/8” diameter piles. The heavy duty slab bracket can be installed through a 10″ cored hole through the slab, eliminating the need for excessive concrete demolition and debris removal.  Patent Pending.



Ram Jack offers free Lunch and Learn opportunities for engineers to get a continuing education certificate. Lunch and Learn presentations can be scheduled at your convenience, at any U.S. location.

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Causes of Foundation Failure


What causes foundation failure?

There are many causes of foundation failure, here are some examples

Soil type – especially expansive clay soil,slope failure, mass wasting,poor construction,
poorly compacted fill material,erosion,transpiration and sinkhole problem.


Warning Signs.

warning signs

warning signs




The annual Windstorm Insurance (WIND) Conference provides a forum for review and discussion of windstorm and related property insurance issues. 1/27/2014 – 1/30/2014. Orlando,Florida

Pictures of our booth at WIndstorm insurance conference


RamJack Orlando

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