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News for sinkhole in Spring Hill Fl

Spring Hill, FL — Hernando County Sheriff’s Office says several homes were evacuated after a massive sinkhole appeared. Sinkhole in Spring Hill,Florida It makes a person’s heart pound just standing close to the sinkhole-it started out 25×25, 30 ft deep. A big sinkhole,Spring Hill,FL Now it is 40×40-it grew in just a couple of hours! sinkhole open in Spring Hill Florida There are cracks in the road, cracks in the house closest to the sinkhole. People stood around gasping, caution tape kept everyone back.



The annual Windstorm Insurance (WIND) Conference provides a forum for review and discussion of windstorm and related property insurance issues. 1/27/2014 – 1/30/2014. Orlando,Florida

Pictures of our booth at WIndstorm insurance conference


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