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What many may not know is that All Florida RamJack  can install new construction helical piles.

When builders are planning a home site on land that it is questionable, it is important for them to make sure that soils can support the weight of the potential foundation.

Many builders will hire a engineer to analyze the soils. The engineer will usually call for soil borings. These soil borings can let him know what types of soil are below and at what depth.

If the engineer finds soft soils or organic material that are still decomposing. These types of soils are not suitable to support the weight of the proposed foundation. That is when All Florida RamJack  comes into the picture.

The engineer will design a system consisting of helical piles. These are steel pipe with one or more helix disks on it. These anchors are hydraulically screwed into the soils until they hit resistance and are deemed able to support the necessary weight required to support the live and dead loads put upon them.

Once these helical piles are install, a new construction bracket is attached to the steel pipe. Once all these piles are installed and brackets in place the foundation contractor can form up and pour concrete footings right over them.

This process of installing new construction helical piles is the best way to ensure that the proposed foundation is stable and able to support all the weight of the foundation and house.

A foundation repair from All Florida RamJack  would be happy to answer any question you have about wall crack repair or chimney repair.

This process is usually more cost effective than other methods like removing all the soils and replacing with engineer fill.

At All Florida RamJack  all our crew workers are expertly trained to install new construction helical piles. Depending on the size of the helix and also the location of where they are being installed we may either use a mini excavator to hold the motor that screws the helix into the ground or do so by hand.

Our Project Manager will work closely with the engineer and will also handle any building permits necessary to do our job. As the crews are installing the new construction helical piles they will record all the pressures and depths. We keep these records in the customer files to reference in the future.

Once our job is done our crew will clean up after themselves. All scrap materials are recycled.

All our residential piles (including new construction piles) are covered by our Nationally Backed Transferable Lifetime Warranty. Even if something were to happen to RamJack New England the warranty would be handled by RamJack’s Corporate office who will arrange a nearby RamJack Dealer to handle any warranty work.

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