Lunch and Learn for Tampa Bay Real Estate offices

Lunch and Learn

We are requesting the opportunity to schedule a lunch and learn with  you and your staff, or a meeting with the appropriate person(s). We will provide lunch and  present our steel driven piles, helical piles, tie backs, and interesting jobs from around the country.

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions is widely known throughout the country as a viable solution for sinkholes , lunch and learnresidential and commercial remedial repair. Ram Jack Foundation Solutions also installs NEW CONSTRUCTION helical piles.

We have or are currently installing new construction piles for Construction Company’s in partnership with their respective Structural Engineers and Architects.

RamJack Lunch and Learn


Benefits of Ram Jack Helical Pilings/Anchors:

*    5 – 170 kip ultimate capacity
*    Can be used in Tension & Compression
*    Can be loaded immediately upon installation
*    Stiff internal connections – no slack or play from torque or loading
*    Vibration/no vibration with helical pile installation
*    No drilling equipment or drilling spoils
*    No casing when penetrating water table
*    No concrete trucks/pumps
*    No rebar staging & cage assembly for drilled shaft
*    Reduced jobsite traffic, thus, improved workplace safety
*    Not weather sensitive
*    Thermoplastic powder coating for corrosion prevention and suitable for environmentally sensitive areas and “green” projects

The 2009 International Building Code specifically includes Helical Piles, thus, more Engineer queries and specifications. Helical Piles hold in compression and tension and work well with void cartons Helical Piles are also used as lateral tie backs/anchors.

Ram Jack Agenda

* Foundation & Sinkhole Repair and Compaction Grouting

*    Ram Jack Helical Piles

*    Load considerations/capabilities

*    Pre-construction applications

*    Case Studies/Reviews of Interesting Commercial Jobs

*    Several pictorial reviews with discussions

*    Ram Jack Engineering Support

*    Ram Jack Solutions Software Program

*    Assist Engineers in Design and Specifications of helical pilings


For more information, visit our website at If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


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